Warcon Empire

Warcon Empire

The Warcon Empire is the only true pan-galactic empire in the local cluster. It controls the entire Andromeda Galaxy, all its satellite galaxies and the Triangulum galaxy and its subsidiaries.

In its early years the Empire was begun almost 10,000 years ago as a Republic of 45 star systems occupied by a humanoid race known as the Tralians. The Tralians early in their evolution were exposed to an unusual subspace entity known as “Ascendants” they essentially merged with them at the genetic level becoming a new race. A race that could literally harness the power of the Universe itself. This power led some Tralians to seek domination over others seeing themselves as the Universes “Master Race.” This group of Warcons called themselves the 45 Corp. Others however decided to use their power more responsibly and formed the Warcon Republic. To make things more complicated about 2000 years ago a new faction came out of the Tralian race that used their powers to enhance their mental ability and gradually became known as the “Tekruns” because of their obsession with technology.

The Tekruns grew weary of being ordered around by the Warcon Republic and rebelled against them. This started the great Andromeda Civil War that lasted 400 years, but eventually the combined military might of the Warcon Republic won out against the Tekruns who could not match the artificially enhanced powers of the 45 corps combined with the brutal might of the Warcon Fleet. With almost their entire fleet wiped out the Tekruns fled the Andromeda to the Milky Way Galaxy. In the direct aftermath of the war Lord Dalzhi made his move and led a revolution against the Warcon Republic and its democratically elected council killing all but one member of the council (Kelsa) who also fled to the Milky Way Galaxy. Now that the 45 Corps had full control of the Warcon Fleet Emperor Dalzhi began a campaign of ethnic cleansing across the Andromeda Galaxy, purging all non-humanoid and inferior genetic members from the Empire.

At current the Warcon Empire controls 1,200 occupied star systems 10,000 planets and over 40 Trillion sentient life forms (It should be noted that the population was much higher before Emperor Dalzhi used his super weapon and wiped out nearly 1/4 the population of the Andromeda Galaxy)

Population (At Peak): ~160,000,000,000,000 Sentient Beings

Armed Forces (At Peak): 2,400,000,000

Warships (At Peak): 235,000,000


D-5 Class Destroyer

C-12 Class Heavy Cruiser

DR-16 Class Dreadnaught

C-150 Class Cruiser

BC-250 Class Battlecruiser

F-1200 Class Frigate

BS-1500 Class Battleship

HC-1941 Carrier

LC-1940 Light Carrier