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Here are all the free downloads of my comics, premium downloads are now available in the Book Store

Back by popular demand, my free comic downloads section. Only with more download options. Free downloads are provided for series that are currently finished. Currently running series are provided as paid downloads in my Book Store so if you feel like supporting me some are as low as $1.00.

Cybertech Origins (Chapters 1 thru 100)

Cover-1 (2)

An epic space opera that spans galaxies, and destroys planets. Races and Empires rise and fall and massive space battles and human drama abounds.













Cybertech The War of 2155 (Chapters 101 thru 130)


The Epic Space Opera continues with a new threat to the Milky Way Galaxy





This epic takes place on a different world than Earth, and tells the story of a devastating world war against the evil nation of Ricasso and the journey of the 19 year old daughter of the president of the conquered nation of Fetz who vows to free her homeland from the grips of its evil tyrant.

Star Trek Vigilante


To Boldly Go…

…Wherever the Hell we want