Fleet Sizes and Divisions

There was a little mention of the fleet division structure of the sides in Cybertech. However in season 2 there is a clearly defined fleet structure, and here it is

Support Craft Use Air force organization structure, but when combined with Capital ships turns into Naval fleet structure.

Star fighters use the support ship structure, but are not counted in fleet numbers. Ill come up with a different chart in the future as they take a more prominent role in the comics.

These numbers are averages, numbers vary per race, empire and ship capabilities

i.e: A division could have anywhere between 2 to 5 Battalions

Support Craft# of Units Unit Type # of Ships / Unit
 Ship Class 
Capital Ships
Battalion=3 Groups=15Ships
Battlegroup  =6,010Ships
=2GroupsCapital Ships=10Ships
=50WingsSupport Ships=6,000Ships
Spatial Battalion  =45,025Ships
=5GroupsCapital Ships=25Capital Ships
=15BatallionsSupport Ships=45,000Capital Ships
Spatial Division  = 135,050 Ships
= 2BattalionsCapital Ships=45 Ships
= 3BattalionsSupport Ships=135,000 Ships
Fleet  = 1,350,250 Ships
= 5Spatial DivisionsCapital Ships=250 Ships
= 10Spatial DivisionsSupport Ships=1,350,000 Ships
Fleet Corps  = 13,500,750 Ships
=15Spatial DivisionsCapital Ships=750Ships
=100Spatial DivisionsSupport Ships=13,500,000Ships
Fleet Command  = 94,508,750Ships
=175Spatial DivisionsCapital Ships=8,750Ships
=700Spatial DivisionsSupport Ships=94,500,000Ships