The Timeline of the Cybertech Universe

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2050AD – May Skeena of the Tekruns is Born into her first clone body

2105AD – Rauld Sypher is Born

2108AD – Joval Chalak of the Votagon is born into a clone body

2111AD – Kate Ketcheyev is Born

2113AD – Janice Maty is Born

2114AD – Zobot Rebellion starts on Earth, Miguel Chuchon is brought online

2115AD – Kelsara (Kate’s Father) is killed

2117AD – Zobot Rebellion ends, the Zobots leave Earth to find their own homeworld

2121AD – Julia McRand is Born on Alpha Centauri

2129AD – Kate’s Mother Moritta is killed, Kate is handed over by the fascist government of Russia to Chinese genetic scientists for study due to her unusual strength. Kate meets Janice Maty in a Chinese eugenics facility that is trying to develop the ultimate super soldier. During tests the scientists accidentally trigger Kate’s warcon powers which destroys the facility and kills everyone except Kate and Janice. Kate and Janice become close friends and escape to Canada.

2130AD – Kate and Janice join Canada’s fledgling space forces, they meet Rauld Sypher. Janice serves in the shady black ops organization known as the Omega Group until she realizes they are a group dedicated to authoritarian rule over mankind. Kate is involved in the sciences division, and uses her high IQ working with Dan Goertz to create the ultimate Zobot form, the research is shut down be the fledgling Earth government.

2133AD – A central Earth government is formed and the space forces are consolidated under one umbrella. Kate becomes a starship commander and is assigned a Reynolds Class Destroyer, Janice serves as her first officer.

2135 – 2150 The Events of Cybertech Volumes 1 – 10

2150 – 2155 Events in the Patrolas Galaxy cause General Raclosa to abandon his post and journey back to the Local Cluster

2155 – 2157 The Events of Cybertech Volumes 11 & 12