#deleteart13 Something worse than GDPR

If you think the repeal of net neutrality was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

On the heels of the disaster that is the GDPR comes Article 13 from the tyrannical European Union.

How are we supposed to see this as anything other than a declaration of war against independent media and individual bloggers (like myself). The EU wants a war over the internet, I say we give them one.

Article The EU is about to destroy the Internet

Article: Forget the GDPR




Appealing to Lesser Evil Now Available

Now Available for Reading and Download Cybertech Chapter 141 Appealing to Lesser Evil

Appealing to Lesser Evil

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The Milky Way and Andromeda Delegation meets with the Warcon Imperium. Kate Ketcheyev is determined to gain the allegiance of General Brel. She must now appeal to lesser evil to save the universe.

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Appealing to Lesser Evil Now On Tapas

Appealing to Lesser Evil Now On Tapas

Now on Tapas The Milky Way and Andromeda Delegation meets with the Warcon Imperium. Kate Ketcheyev is determined to gain the allegiance of General Brel. She must now appeal to lesser evil to save the universe.

Are you ready for the Blood Moon?

Article: Creating a Series Bible

Creating a Series Bible

Series Bible
Writing a series of books can become unwieldy quickly if you don’t have a method of organizing relevant information and continuity details. A series bible is simply a process of gathering this information in a simple, accessible form that you can update easily with each new story in the series. A series bible is invaluable to the series writer and a lot easier to create and maintain when used from the very first book.

Who needs a series bible?

Anyone who intends to write more than one story in the same universe can rely upon a series bible to keep track of the pertinent information such as timelines, subplots, and settings. But even the writer of a standalone story can use an abbreviated guide to keep track of easily forgotten details like the color of a character’s eyes. It’s easier to find specific details in a duly organized series bible than to trawl through each previous book each time you intend to write a new story in that world.

Starting a series bible

Starting a series bible is simple once you figure out the best layout for you. Many writers keep their bibles digital for easy maintenance, while others prefer hard copies. Using both options is best for safety reasons. Either is easy to lose, but using both provides a backup of sorts.

Beginning with the first story in the series or world, the writer must read the entire story and take notes. Vital information can include character appearance, timing, unfinished threads, locations, deaths, significant items, and the shifting of relationships. It’s up to the writer to decide what’s relevant to them for their particular world, but details from past books can be used in future stories to pepper the new material with connections and resonance.

To save time in future, using bullet points to create an easily read synopsis of each book in the series can be the refresher needed to start a sequel. In a character-driven series, it can help to give each character its specific file, divided by the book, to stay on top of the details.

Organization tips

It’s best to find an app or program that you are comfortable using that can organize the series bible appropriately, print out your necessary details, and then divide them into a binder by section. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Options for digital organization can vary from Word to Evernote to Scrivener. It depends on how in-depth you want to go when keeping track.

While the bible can be divided up into sections of your choosing, it’s a good idea to keep track of when a character appears or dies in a story, and their appearance and how it might change over time, for example, new scars, tattoos, or aging. Fantasy writers, in particular, might want to keep a section devoted to valuable relics or items. The series bible can be perfect for updating the lore, mythology, and cultures of the world. These methods can even be used to keep a plot thread running across multiple books without slowing down or getting stale. The key is to decide what kind of organization method will benefit your story.

In short, a series bible is a handy companion that makes writing a series in particular easier to manage. Researching the history of past books becomes quick and straightforward, and the bible can hold as much or as little information as you think you will need. It’s never too late to begin creating a series bible, and it could help you avoid the niggling continuity mistakes that push a reader back out of your world.

Some chapters of my Series Bible exists on this website under Tech Almanac so check it out

Article: What Actually is Cosplay

What Actually is Cosplay?

This is Paid Content: What exactly is this costumed play and when did it start? Costumed role playing, commonly known as cosplay, has been very popular in North America for decades with fans of science fiction, but it didn’t become part of the mainstream until the 1990s in North America.

Cosplay is when a person dresses up as a fictional character. These characters can be from any genre, but the most popular in the mainstream are from science fiction movies, TV shows and books. The characters from Japanese anime shows or manga books are also very popular, with strong fan followings worldwide.

The term cosplay was introduced in 1984 by the founder of Studio Hard during a report in the magazine My Anime following a science fiction convention, but cosplay is much older than the term. Many assume that because the term cosplay is from anime beginnings it is an Asian import. However, since the 15th century Europeans enjoyed dressing up for masquerade balls and other types of celebrations. Most of these events were for the very rich who could afford to have garments made for special occasions, but even commoners took part in special village parties.

During the 1800s European and North American costume parties became a popular past-time. Most of the costumes at these parties were generic with broad themes such as a “Night” or “Springtime”. Although the majority of the costumes were very general, some partakers would dress up as fictional characters as well, with Shakespearean characters being common.

In 1939 at the first World Science Fiction Convention, two fans, Forrest J. Ackerman and Myrtle R. Douglas, wore futuristic costumes based on the pulp fiction art of Frank R. Paul. Ackerman later commented that he thought everyone should be wearing costumes are this type of event. His idea caught on and at the second Worldcon the next year, a masquerade contest was included in the programming. This simple beginning transformed future events of the genre.

One of today’s most popular conventions is the San Diego Comic-Con. The event has held a Masquerade Ball since 1974. Many of those who take part in cosplay (cosplayers) take their play to a higher level with role-playing their characters. Cosplayers tend to be gender fluid with their costumes. These players take on the mannerisms of their characters at events and for special photo sessions.

Many of those that take part in modern cosplay make their own costumes or buy their garments from specialty shops. The most devoted players often spend quite a bit of time and money to get every detail of their character just right with wigs and props. Many of those props are weapon replicas. At conventions there are very strict rules about what is allowed.

Cosplay takes place beyond the world of conventions. The 1975 movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a perfect example of cosplay going mainstream. Audiences show up to cinemas across the globe dressed as their favorite characters in the film. Many of the cinemas have live performances by audiences members taking place at the same time as the screenings.

Dressing up as a favorite character has become a popular activity for many people. Those who enjoy the practice of cosplay get to escape the real world for a time and revel in play with other people. With many more conventions like Comic-Con popping up around the world, there is no doubt that cosplay is here to stay.

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