Cybertech Origins Janice Meets Joval

Janice meets Joval In Chapter 4 of Cybertech Origins Janice meets Joval; her future love interest and a member of the Votagon a race of genetically modified warrior nomads. Here’s to kindred jackasses.

Julia McRand Calls Down the Thunder

Julia McRand Calls Down the Thunder From Chapter 129 of the webcomic Cybertech. The blonde bombshell Julia McRand who is also the General of the Alliance Army calls down the thunder to penetrate a neutronium … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Janice and Her Pepe Mug

Janice and Her Pepe Mug Lets celebrate Throwback Thursday with some 2016 meme’ry. ‘Member Pepe the Frog who basically helped get Donald Trump elected president? (for good or bad Ill let you be the judge) … Continue reading

Cybertech Chapter 140 Core of Evil Now Available To Read For Free

In Core of Evil Janice leads the fleet to break through the Celcar Fleet, while Kate and Yurgi attempt to stop the Celcar’s plan for universal domination. Continue reading