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Cybertech: The Epic Space Opera Latest Chapters

Cybertech is a story that takes place over 16 separate story arcs from the humble beginnings to a massive intra-galactic space war that will determine the fate of the entire universe. Empires rise and fall as fleets and ships do battle in the vastness of space. No planet is safe from destruction.

The Cosmic Star: A Sitcom in Space Latest Chapters

The Cosmic Star is a space comedy that takes place on a deep space exploration ship. It contains some action, some drama and some comedy all blended together in my attempt to create a cast of likable characters in a light-hearted story of a journey through the blackness of space.

Rogue: The War Opera Latest Chapters

This epic takes place on a different world than Earth, and tells the story of a devastating world war against the evil nation of Ricasso and the journey of the 19 year old daughter of the president of the conquered nation of Fetz who vows to free her homeland from the grips of its evil tyrant.

Star Trek Vigilante

To Boldly Go…

…Wherever the Hell we want

Exo Fleet: A Tribute to Exo Squad

Reloaded: A Tribute to Kim Possible