Superwebcomics Retiring

Just to let all readers know that this site will soon be retired by me in favour of individual sites for each on my comics.

You can find links to where my comics are going to be hosted on the homepage.

Please update your favourites accordingly.

Source Code Parts 1 Thru 6 Now Available Online

Cybertech Chapters 145 Thru 150 Source Code Parts 1 Thru 6 are now available online to read. The Celcars assault Porsalis to attempt to gain their source code so they can evolve into a more perfect life form.

The End War begins

The combined fleet of the Emicon Empire/Milky Way Alliance/Warcon Republic and the Warcon Imperium stand guard at the Emicon Capital but it may not be enough to stop the unstoppable onslaught that is the combined Celcar armada.

The largest and longest space battle I’ve ever put into comic form.

I recently set out to make one of the most epic and largest space battle ever (seriously my rendering computer struggled with this one) and so far it is shaping out do be one of my favorite story arcs in a long time. My objective is to make readers feel exhausted after reading it mirroring the feelings of the characters taking place in the space battle.

largest space battle
Part 6 of a still unknown number of chapters that will constitute the vast epic story of the Battle of the Porsalis star system.

As yet I still have no concept of how many chapters/pages this battle will take up but I see it at this point only being about halfway finished.

As this is essentially the real opening salvo in what I imagine as a true inter-universal war that will rage across the better part of the expanse between our local galactic group (Milky Way/Andromeda/Triangulum Galaxies) and the greater Virgo Galactic supercluster it seems as though the Celcars are the ultimate enemy of the entire series.

This space battle is rivaled only next to the Battle of the Magellanic Cloud that took place in Chapters 90 to 94 against the Warcon’s 2nd fleet.

space battle

Some of the best space battles I find are ones that are not just massive fleets blasting each other with laser beams, but have genuine stakes for both sides and that is what I have tried to establish with the Source Code story arc. The Celcars have a desire to be complete, whereas the allied forces are trying to defend themselves against what is essentially an unstoppable juggernaut intent on conquering the entire universe.

The battle of the Magellanic Cloud is also one such story because it basically represents the last gasp of a declining empire trying to defeat a rising rival to it’s power, and for the Allied Milky Way forces it is either defeat this overwhelming military force or allow their entire galaxy to be wiped out.

The Very Long Hiatus

Cybertech is currently on a hiatus because I haven’t been able to find the time to comfortably work on the stories to the high standard I am currently holding myself too.

Truth be told I am trying to come up with the best finale story possible, and needed some time to perfect the narrative. Yes ladies and gentlemen The Celcar Saga will be the grand finale of Cybertech and I want it to be some of my best work to date.

I am really trying to produce in every single panel some of the best artwork I’ve ever made to go along with one of the most epic story and character arcs I’ve ever attempted.

I’m also in the process of upgrading a lot of my 3d models and laying out a lot of the artwork ahead of time instead of being on a regular release treadmill.

Stay tuned, updates will be coming soon. Possibly in the summer.

Cybertech: The Premium Edition

Cybertech The Premium Edition is a remastered version of my classic comic series Cybertech.

Over the last few months I have been working on standardizing the look of my entire comic library starting with the oldest chapters of Cybertech. Now the new “Premium” editions of Chapters 1 thru 49 are now available for viewing and download in High Quality.

Chapters 50 Thru 100 will be released later this year.

Premium Edition
Cybertech The Premium Edition

Start Reading Cyberteh: The Premium Edition Here



Cybertech is an epic space opera graphic novel that tells the story of a group of explorers/soldiers from human and allied alien races as they battle to exist and be free in a troubled universe of terrifying enemies.

It is a story where empires rise and fall and planets and fleets of ships are destroyed.

Starting with a group of two female protagonists Kathryn Ketcheyev and Janice Maty. They rise through the ranks to control the destiny of not only their race but that of many other races in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

Lineart from Next Episode of Cybertech

Im on a bit of a hiatus right now while I get caught up with my comics, and while I’m on vacation. However that doesn’t mean I’m not still working on the next chapter. Here are a few rough sketches of the upcoming episode.

Appealing to Lesser Evil Now On Tapas

Appealing to Lesser Evil Now On Tapas

Now on Tapas The Milky Way and Andromeda Delegation meets with the Warcon Imperium. Kate Ketcheyev is determined to gain the allegiance of General Brel. She must now appeal to lesser evil to save the universe.