Can a hard science fiction goofy comedy work?

When I first started writing my action comedy science fiction series The Cosmic Star I wasn’t sure how a hard science fiction goofy comedy would work. But now that I’ve finished the first 5 chapters I’m actually impressed with how its started to come together. The key was putting together a likeable cast that I enjoyed writing dialogue for and people got a kick out of. I have decided to take a hiatus from the series while I plan out the next 5 chapters (think of it as season 2) and those new chapters will probably appear in the fall. In the meantime however the first 5 chapters are available to read below.

Click on the image below to start reading my┬áhard science fiction goofy comedy ‘The Cosmic Star’


hard science fiction goofy comedy

Cybertech Origins Janice Meets Joval

Janice meets Joval

In Chapter 4 of Cybertech Origins Janice meets Joval; her future love interest and a member of the Votagon a race of genetically modified warrior nomads. Here’s to kindred jackasses.

Janice Meets Joval Janice Meets Joval

Throwback Thursday Janice and Her Pepe Mug

Janice and Her Pepe Mug

Lets celebrate Throwback Thursday with some 2016 meme’ry. ‘Member Pepe the Frog who basically helped get Donald Trump elected president? (for good or bad Ill let you be the judge)

Courtesy of Cybertech very own Troll Janice Maty. Who really enjoys those leftist tears.

Janice and Her Pepe Mug