Lineart from Next Episode of Cybertech

Im on a bit of a hiatus right now while I get caught up with my comics, and while I’m on vacation. However that doesn’t mean I’m not still working on the next chapter. Here are a few rough sketches of the upcoming episode.

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Looking for Cybertech and The Cosmic Star? They have their own websites now, scroll down and follow the links to whatever comic hosting website you prefer. I decided to stop hosting all my comics on one website and gave them their own subdomains to keep them separate.

Rogue, Star Trek Vigilante and Kim Possible Reloaded will follow shortly.

This will give me more control over the formats for each specific comic site and allow me to customize each site for the specific comic. Of course I host my comics on a number of other websites such as Smackjeeves, Tapastic and The Duck.

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Synopsis: It is the 22nd century and the human race has advanced, and is beginning to explore their home star system and nearby systems.

A line of robotic life forms was created to make life easier for humanity.
The Zobots were created with advanced artificial intelligence and quickly surpassed expectations. Some say they had achieved the level of sentience.

Many nations however did not recognize the Zobots as sentient, and a move was made to ‘dumb’ them down. The Zobots rebelled and a terrible war started. Millions on both sides were killed before the Zobots stole several ships and left the Earth for the star system known as Ross 154.

It is now 20 years later, and humanity and the Zobots have once again encountered each other, however now under a new liberty minded government Earth was ready to accept the Zobots as sentient beings.

The young starship Commander Kathryn Talania Ketcheyev has been sent to meet the Zobot Ambassador.

In the Omicron Saga a new enemy appears that resembled Dinosaur like creatures known as the Omicrons, they are carnivores and hunt other life forms in the galaxy as food. However they are also highly intelligent and advanced. Can they be reasoned with before they wipe out all life in the local cluster.

The Tekruns appear from out of a pocket dimension with a massive swarm of ships tens of thousands strong. They seem to have a level of technology high above all other races in the cluster.

The Warcon Empire is the ultimate warrior race that use massive fleets of unstoppable ships powered by beings that can draw superpowers from the very fabric of the space/time continuum itself. They are the pinnacle of the conqueror and their empire spans 3 spiral galaxies.