Appealing to Lesser Evil Now On Tapas

Appealing to Lesser Evil Now On Tapas

Now on Tapas The Milky Way and Andromeda Delegation meets with the Warcon Imperium. Kate Ketcheyev is determined to gain the allegiance of General Brel. She must now appeal to lesser evil to save the universe.

Cybertech Chapter 140 Core of Evil Now Available To Read For Free

Synopsis of Core of Evil

In Core of Evil Janice leads the fleet to break through the Celcar Fleet, while Kate and Yurgi attempt to stop the Celcar’s plan for universal domination.

Core of Evil Now Available To Read

Full Script of Core of Evil

Lets hope those changes we made to our weapons subspace matrix will be enough to break through their flux shields

All Ships Commence attack!!

Its like each ship has an unlimited amount of shield power

The drones are easy enough to dispatch but those damn Capital Ships

Enemy ships are sustaining only minimal Damage

Shit, they’re shields are just cycling through different dimensional planes

Let the Warcons handle the Capital Ships, All alliance ships focus on picking off the Drones

Were outnumbered 10 to 1 we need to make this a team effort

This is Mary Krosa, All Warcon Ships switch weapons to the upper frequency band of subspace

Send that setting to the alliance fleet

Sorry Mary, Our weapons don’t go that high into the subspace band

Well have to make due, beams have some effect but kinetic weapons are useless against them


They’re slicing through our lines like Hot Metal through Ice

The only ones keeping them at bay are the warcons and just barely

If they destroy this fleet the Warcons will be surrounded and won’t stand a chance!

Anyone got any ideas because Im at a loss if we can’t even Hurt them

Excellent, its a quantum singularity

Chapter 140 “Core of Evil”

Ready Yurgi

Lets turn this core into a rift

and then we can Rip this hive to pieces

You will not

You have gone too far as it is

Im not like the other Celcar Soldiers you dispatched

My power is drawn from the Combined Celcar Collective itself. You may call me the Celcar Node of this HIve

And from what I understand niether of you have access to your full powers



You will pay for that Kate

Oh come on you’ve got 5 more

30% of our ships are either destroyed or heavily damaged admiral

The Celcars are overwhelming our lines

Get out of Here Janice, your ships really aren’t helping


Well stay until My Mom and Dad Get out

We may have to withdraw or well loose the whole fleet

Your making me look bad kiddo, my tactical skills are a little rusty

and the only Job General McRand Will have is recovering the debris

Don’t Feel Bad Janice, we Warcons are just genetically superior Tacticians to Humans



Position our ships between the Celcar Fleet and the Alliance Ships!

Charge Arc Weapons for firing at the Celcar Center line

Celcar Ships are using Dimension 7 on their shield Matrix, set arc canon to that setting, 1 minute to full charge

Who the Hell are you Guys!!?

This is Fleet Admiral Fen Grison of the Emicon Alliance, I am here at the request of a Captain Alita

Roger That, Everyone form around the ships that look like toilet seats

If you can clean up the small fries, well help you deal with the Celcar Capital Ships

Where’s your ‘Wife’ Yurgi Krosa, did I so easily dispatch her simply by throwing her into the abyss

a Shield Matrix? of course a quantum singularity even that size is hundreds of millions of degrees outside the event horizon

If I can take out these generators radiation from that singularity will cook this hive within minutes

Nothing like a bit of a fever to wipe out a bacterial infection

Looks like we are the universes immune system

Kate! What are you doing?

Phew, almost fell into the super massive black hole

I haven’t had this much fun in decades

Yurgi, You ready Im going to send you some power straight from the galactic core

With Pleasure my love

Take note Celcar, I am General Yurgi Krosa

I am descended from the Pure blooded Tralians that originally established the Warcon Empire

I am one of very few naturally ascended Level 6 Warcons


Arc Cannons Charged!


Admiral Maty, concentrate all your weapons on the Celcar ships to your immediate Center line


120,000,000 enemy ships were within the field

Alright Admiral Maty, Celcar Ships are paper tigers without their advanced shields

You heard the Admiral all ships blow them out of my sky!

All Warcon Starships Exterminate these Parasitical Scum!

It doesn’t Matter what you are, compared to our collective power you are the real insects!

The energy I now gather comes from the collective itself!

I only need to keep enough of your Body intact to extract a small sample of DNA, even a strand of hair will do

Your race is now marked for extermination for challenging us!!

You die now Yurgi Krosa!



THere is an old Tralian saying that one ascended Tralian is dangerous

But Bring two together as husband and Wife

and love makes them unstoppable!!

We should get out of here Yurgi

I severed all the reactor Shield Generator Cables

The Core is going to overheat and melt down

Warning, core meltdown in progress, all celcar units evacuate hive immediately



Janice, Mary, Admiral Grison get the fleets out of there

The Celcar Hive is going to explode

Affirmative, all ships commence emergency battlefield fold operation


We made it


The Celcar Fleet?

We Sent them a message today, don’t mess with us

They’re not interested in us anymore

Its time to bring General Brel and his fleet Kicking and screaming into the Tralian Republic

Unity is our only chance of standing against the Celcars

Set Course for the Triangulum Galaxy

To Be Continued…

Cybertech The Celcar Saga is truly epic on a universal scale

Cybertech The Celcar Saga is the most epic chapter of the series and is planned as the ultimate ending of the comic.

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