Orville practical miniature

The Orville practical miniature

One of the most shocking thing I found out about Seth Macfarlane’s new TV science fiction series is that the Orville is an actual physical model miniature.


Orville practical miniature Orville practical miniature Orville practical miniature Orville practical miniature

While I’m not one of those people that is opposed to CGI (I use it in my comics) however you just don’t see this any more; an actual physical miniature. This shows the actual care and respect that the creators of this show have for the the idea of classic science fiction series like Star Trek. Time will determine whether or not the creators of Star Trek Discovery have the same level of respect for the source material that Seth Macfarlane seems to have.

Seems the Orville has more respect for Star Trek than Discovery does

I will reserve judgement on Star Trek Discovery until I watch the trailer but so far I’m not impressed. In the meantime I will be watching The Orville.

Orville practical miniature
Those aren’t Klingons
Orville practical miniature
Orville practical miniature
Okay that looks beautiful but Star Trek is more than just great special effects

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Singularity Cannon

Weapon of Galactic Destruction: Singularity Cannon

This quantum singularity cannon was recently discovered at the edge of the Triangulum Galaxy in a system with no planets and a main sequence star, this weapon that is almost 20 million kilometers from top to bottom is basically a massive linear cannon that takes material from a star, compresses it and shoots it out as a quantum singularity through a wormhole. It can strike literally any target within the galactic cluster in a matter of days or even hours. No one knows who built this weapon but it wasn’t the Warcon Empire…

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Singularity Cannon

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Singularity Cannon

The weapon has never been fired but it is suspected to be a literal galaxy killer, especially if it was shot right at the black hole at the center of a galaxy.

See the singularity cannon displayed Here

and we might see it used in the future.

The Headquarters of the Warcon Imperium

In the next chapter of Cybertech we will be introduced to the Fascist Warcon Imperium and its great leader Governor General Carlorian Brel. I made these 3d renderings of the beautiful set I created for the Headquarters of the repressive regime. LONG LIVE THE IMPERIUM! Of course here’s Janice to say what we all think.