The Headquarters of the Warcon Imperium

In the next chapter of Cybertech we will be introduced to the Fascist Warcon Imperium and its great leader Governor General Carlorian Brel. I made these 3d renderings of the beautiful set I created for the Headquarters of the repressive regime. LONG LIVE THE IMPERIUM! Of course here’s Janice to say what we all think.


The Ultimate Sci Fi Starship Size Chart

Say Hello to the Ultimate Sci Fi Starship Size Chart

One day I was browsing the internet when I came across this awesome size chart that features every conceivable science fiction starship out there (Even has the Resolute from Exo-Squad!)

Check it our Below, also check out his Deviantart channel too

Ultimate Sci Fi Starship Size Chart

I have a size chart for my ships too, check it out below