Singularity Cannon

Weapon of Galactic Destruction: Singularity Cannon

This quantum singularity cannon was recently discovered at the edge of the Triangulum Galaxy in a system with no planets and a main sequence star, this weapon that is almost 20 million kilometers from top to bottom is basically a massive linear cannon that takes material from a star, compresses it and shoots it out as a quantum singularity through a wormhole. It can strike literally any target within the galactic cluster in a matter of days or even hours. No one knows who built this weapon but it wasn’t the Warcon Empire…

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Singularity Cannon

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Singularity Cannon

The weapon has never been fired but it is suspected to be a literal galaxy killer, especially if it was shot right at the black hole at the center of a galaxy.

See the singularity cannon displayed Here

and we might see it used in the future.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes

My Inspiration: The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, New Anime

One might say that my own series Cybertech thematically borrows a lot from one of my favorite science fiction animes The Legend of the Galactic Heroes even if its name sake is a tribute to one of my childhood favorites Macross (Robotech)

Truth be told I actually didn’t even know The Legend of Galactic Heroes existed until about 2 years ago but I have since watched the original anime and am so glad they decided to do a modern remake with modern animation. Damn massive space battles look so good with CGI.

Funimation has done a dub for the show in English which is fantastic (still waiting for a good dub of the original)