Appealing to Lesser Evil Now Available

Now Available for Reading and Download Cybertech Chapter 141 Appealing to Lesser Evil

Appealing to Lesser Evil

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The Milky Way and Andromeda Delegation meets with the Warcon Imperium. Kate Ketcheyev is determined to gain the allegiance of General Brel. She must now appeal to lesser evil to save the universe.

Free web quality downloads are now available in PDF format. This is so you can download and read locally. As usual if you feel like supporting my work directly you can also download a high resolution version for a small payment.

Cybertech Chapter 140 Core of Evil

In Cybertech Chapter 140 Core of Evil the combined Milky Way Alliance and Warcon Republic take on the massive Celcar armada protecting their Patrolas hive. Things look dire as the Celcar ships are nearly unstoppable. Janice Maty attempts to come up with a plan but it looks hopeless if the alliance weapons have little to no effect on the Celcar multi-dimensional shields. Even the mighty Warcon weapons are struggling to have much of an effect. Kate Ketcheyev and Yurgi Krosa attempt to destroy the hive from inside but face a Celcar elite soldier than may prove too strong for even 2 ascended Tralians.

This advance chapter is only available for Patrons and will be publicly released next month. I will be trying to make more exclusive content that is available only to patrons. Click the image below to read the latest chapter. Core of Evil.


core of evil

Cybertech: The Premium Edition

Cybertech The Premium Edition is a remastered version of my classic comic series Cybertech.

Over the last few months I have been working on standardizing the look of my entire comic library starting with the oldest chapters of Cybertech. Now the new “Premium” editions of Chapters 1 thru 49 are now available for viewing and download in High Quality.

Chapters 50 Thru 100 will be released later this year.

Premium Edition
Cybertech The Premium Edition

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Cybertech is an epic space opera graphic novel that tells the story of a group of explorers/soldiers from human and allied alien races as they battle to exist and be free in a troubled universe of terrifying enemies.

It is a story where empires rise and fall and planets and fleets of ships are destroyed.

Starting with a group of two female protagonists Kathryn Ketcheyev and Janice Maty. They rise through the ranks to control the destiny of not only their race but that of many other races in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

Solar System With 7 Earth-like Planets

NASA has recently discovered a solar system 40 light years away with 7 earth-like planets

The 7 earth-like planets themselves orbit a star called Trappist-1 in the constellation Aquarius. It is a small dwarf star so the planets orbit pretty close to the star.

This is the kind of stuff that I love, more fuel for my webcomics. Gives us hope that there are a vast amount of Earth-like planets out there in the vast universe.


‘The first step in finding life outside our own planet is to find a planet like our own: small, rocky, and at just the right distance from the star that liquid water could exist on its surface.

That’s why an announcement today from NASA is so exciting: The space agency, along with partners around the world, has found seven potentially Earth-like planets orbiting a star 40 light-years away.

“It’s the first time that so many planets of this kind are found around a same star,” Michaël Gillon, the lead author of the Nature paper announcing the discovery, said in a press conference. “The seven planets … could have some liquid water and maybe life on the surface.”

Three of the planets are directly in the star’s habitable zone, meaning water can mostly likely exist on the surface of them. One of them, Gillon said, has a mass “strongly to suggest a water-rich composition.” And it’s possible that the other four could have liquid water, too, depending on the composition of their atmospheres, the astronomers said.’

7 Earth-like Planets



In the meantime, we just have our imaginations to fill in the gap. This is an artist’s rendition of what the fifth planet in this bizarre solar system might look like. These planets are believed to be tidally locked to the star, each has a permanent day side and a permanent night side. And because the planets are so close together, they’d appear in the sky like moons.

7 Earth-like Planets