Cybertech The Celcar Saga is truly epic on a universal scale

Cybertech The Celcar Saga is the most epic chapter of the series and is planned as the ultimate ending of the comic.

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Celcar Saga

Ships of the Line: Behemoth Class Heavy Platform

The Zobot Behemoth Class Battleplatform is an older vessel but is still perfectly capable of engaging any ship in its classification. Even if this vessel is starting to be replaced by the more powerful Gargantuan Behemoth, several upgrades have been added to this vessel over the past few decades to bring it in line with current technology.

See the first appearance of the Behemoth Class In Chapter 1 of Cybertech, with the Armoured Behemoth in Chapter 28

Behemoth Class

Ships of the Line: Warcon Battlecruiser

Warcon Battlecruiser

Perhaps no ship in the Cybertech universe is so perfectly built for combat than this powerful vessel. The Warcon Battlecruiser is a more than a match for any other ship of in the Battlecruiser category. At an impressive 5,000 meters long this vessel is one of the most intimidating sights to see on the battlefield, combine that with its formidable frontal weaponry that could rip all but the most heavily shielded vessels to shreds with a mere single blast.